Customized tactical apparel and equipment to answer your company's branding needs
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    Genesis Tactical Gear knows what it means to hit the ground running. To act on instinct at a moment’s notice. To have what it takes to be ready for the unknown. It's driven by honour and integrity, respect and safety. At GTG we live and work with a BOOTS ON THE GROUND mentality. Just like you. 

    Genesis Tactical Gear is born from a 30-year legacy of security founded by Camil Dubuc. That’s 30 years of real-life situations, hands-on field operations, and always being prepared for anything. There’s a lot of skill in knowing when to observe and when to act. Understanding surroundings and how to proceed. Protecting our and your families, loved ones, and communities. It’s a responsibility we take seriously at GTG. 

    Genesis Tactical Gear is innovative and functional so you’re always good to go. The quality is high to outlast you on the toughest days and be ready for the next. Even style is important, because pride goes hand-in-hand with purpose. This is more than just gear. It’s a lifestyle. It’s your GTG lifestyle.

    With Genesis Tactical Gear, you’re always BOOTS ON THE GROUND.